See You Next Year

by Yearbooks

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released March 22, 2014

recorded by jack shirley at the atomic garden in east palo alto, ca, winter 14



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Yearbooks Oakland, California

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Track Name: Encounter at Farpoint
I find myself unbound and unwinding distracted by this heartbeat your kiss gets close my skin gets cold the back and forth is binding you were right i never wanted this never prepared for you for this i don't feel like sleeping your hair in my hands retracts becomes my pestilence my feelings regrets you were right i never wanted this never prepared for you or this
Track Name: The Naked Now
Landscape it's not mine i lost time never will but i watch as i fall my eyes will never and i'll die forever we close our eyes to a world lost counts don't ever measure these fading pictures take shelter in creaking drawers full of fractured bones and dusty treasures landscape it's not mine i lost time robbed me of my breath is this death escaping failure only ending frailer burning skies setting flame to my nature so i search for my own greener pastures a journey's end for certain disaster these fleeting moments will never feel the same these meetings the feelings will never feel safe but my mind keeps us perfect inside my mind we'll always be perfect
Track Name: Too Short a Season
i'm a mess but so are you at least for a while let's lose ourselves in each other like i got lost in your smile that night in your room when our bodies first met i can never forgive forget for giving into sleep that night wasn't to end i put my lips on scars i help create hoping to fix my mistakes eyes lock then separate like bones we heal to break empty bottles litter the floor mirroring familiar faces i scream your name into empty cages i could only love you more than you could ever hate yourself we kick sheets off the bed only to put them back again in the morning when it doesn't make sense to me i think of when you said goodbye i'd love to say that the pain is killing me but dead men don't cry and i died the very first time that i looked deep in your eyes goodbye
Track Name: When the Bough Breaks
Every night i sit and write love letters in my head that you'll never hear every morning i wake up and i say hello to no one take me back to his gravesite where they last kissed me my last sunset so i close my eyes and i let the days pass me by end on end forgotten friends so put these memories on the shelf my rainy day trust funds empty eyes with vacant lips take me back to his gravesite where they last kissed me my last sunset i can't breathe trussed by our past go to sleep and don't wake up while you're taking your break i'm the only thing broken
Track Name: We'll Always Have Paris
We looked so pretty caught in time but then time caught us i'll fade with the stars when the sun comes up the dawns light interrupts locked doors and hang ups whispers of the last love that i'll ever want in and out of consciousness i feel so broken when words go unspoken i try to stay afloat and more words go unspoken i tend to lose some hope in myself i dream i think i drink your name and i get drunk i blink i sink into your game my chest is numb there's a postcard in the mail from what we used to be i cried for you when you left i have myself back now i cry for me let this be the end finish me